Located in Valdese, North Carolina, my family has lived here as long as I can remember.​  My parents came here from Hot Springs, North Carolina when I was a child.  I have one brother and two sisters.  I have always been the guy to go to when you need repairs – minor or major around your home.  I started out fixing things for my family – car issues, lawnmower issues, plumbing, roofing, windows, etc.

I got married in 2008 and I am the father of three beautiful girls and one boy.  I have worked in all kinds of jobs throughout the years, but I enjoy the home repairs the most.  I have many years in experience.  I started out this business to help others who could not help themselves.  I want everyone to be able to be comfortable in their home.  My family was the driving force behind this adventure.

I currently work as a sub-contractor for Woodridge Investors Inc.  I am a handyman, not a contractor.  ​I hope you will let me help you.  I can work within your budget and help make your house a home in the best way I know how.

Russell McCarter, Owner